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SideElement Foundation

Services for Both Finished and Unfinished Basements

Over the years, even the strongest foundation may begin to crack or chip away. Older homes can expand and contract leaving you with an uneven home and faulty doors. Luckily, there is a solution to such problems.


The NBI Professionals have the skill and equipment to perform various leveling services including foundation wall replacements and foundation underpinning.

How do we demolish your foundation safely?

When your concrete, cinder block, and mortar erode, they typically begin to collapse due to the weight of your home and the pressure from the surrounding dirt.


In order to demolish your walls, we support your home using a cribbing technique by installing steel beams and lumber block stacked in a box formation to support your I-beam.

The complete foundation repair process

We do everything from start to finish! You won't have to worry about hiring a demolition team or a specialist. We do everything! When repairing your foundation, we will also prevent further complications by installing concrete stoops, walkways, and patios. Furthermore, we'll add a larger concrete footer to stop the settling. Our staff is available for permanent fixes and temporary solutions so you can get the right price for your need.

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