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Prevent Water from Collecting on Your Property

When water begins to collect on your land, you can run into serious issues. The water is likely to head straight to your foundation and find its way into your home or business. Fortunately, The NBI Professionals can provide you with preventative care.


Our team is the expert crew to trust to rid your property of water pooling, run off water, and faulty drainage systems.

Find quality drainage solutions

For a great price, you can get both interior and exterior drainage solutions. Our in-home solutions involve installing a modern sump pump and French drain system. However, for heavy rains, you will need exterior landscaping designs.


The exterior installation involves precise grading and filling services that will stop or divert any water from entering your property.

How to safeguard your land

  • Pitch and regrade your property to direct the flow of water away from your land

  • Install diversion ditches to redirect the flow of water

  • Lay a 6-inch corrugated / perforated plastic pipe to manage the drainage

  • Prevent the pipe from clogging by applying a series of materials and fabric to stop dirt from entering the pipe

  • Finalize the renovation by piling stone, topsoil, and any necessary seed

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